Hitchcock Presbyterian Church

Hitchcock Presbyterian Church
6 Greenacres Avenue, Scarsdale NY 10583
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The Deacons are composed of 21 church members who are elected for a three year term. Each year one third leave and are replaced by an incoming one third.

Their responsibilities are varied and fall into three areas: service, social and caring. On Sundays they provide services consisting of greeting, communion set up, coffee hour and flower delivery. They also provide ushers for the regular worship service and special services. such as "Special Communion."

However, because the deacons are such a small group and in order for them to be successful, they ask that members of the congregation volunteer to be ushers whenever possible. You may do this by contacting your deacon, by calling the church office. Either way, we will be happy to coordinate your availability with the church calendar needs.

We also encourage socialization and fellowship among the church community by sponsoring or co-sponsoring special coffee hours and the Annual Christmas Party. We hope you will join us on these occasions to meet with your deacon and other members of the Hitchcock family.

A most significant aspect of our mission is to work with the Health MInistry Team and the Hitchcock staff to extend pastoral care to the congregation. Church members are encouraged to contact the church or your deacon for assistance when any of life's crises occur, which may include illness, hospitalization or a death in the family.

Regular meetings are held monthly.

Moderator: Flavio Galhardo

Secretary/Treasurer: Gladys Bart-Williams


Flavio Galhardo, Moderator

Class of 2018

Class of 2019

Class of 2020

Gladys Bart-Williams

Sharmin Carter

Ryalynn Carter

Martin-Joel Bellet-Edimo

Livingston Clark

 Kathleen Dunlop

Alice Campbell

Marla Dierking

Andrew Hall

Hea Park

Flavio Galhardo

Janet Hyde

Paulette Talley

Flora White Ingra

Moon Kim-Koutsis


Douglass Reitter


Joshua Lee (Youth)

Hitchcock Presbyterian Church
6 Greenacres Avenue
Scarsdale NY 10583 914-723-3311

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